WEB Based Training

WEB Based Project Management Training

In addition to presence seminars born2beffective® offers company-specific webinars, educational software, and blended learning via Internet. We believe that even the combination of trainer and participant presence with interactive multimedia learning methods is crowned with learning success. We make sure that all types of our WEB based trainings are designed less by technical factors than by educational factors. The educational structure of our Webinars and tutorials includes – as well as with face-to-face trainings –  input of theory, interactive exercises, case studies out of practice, reviews and transfer methods.

 Our WBT Services

WEBinars: Webinars are an extremely effective instrument of training, because students can take part in the action from their individual workstation. However our WEBinars are guided by the live moderation of the trainer for interactive use. For your in-house project management training, you can adapt the lessons and modules to your specific needs. This will ensure that only these themes are presented to the learners that are also relevant in your in-house competence model.

Interactive Tutorials: Interactive learning software can be used temporally and spatially flexible. born2beffective® develops learning software for your company-specific training needs around the subject of project management. We use interactive and multimedia learning contents, and also interactive games, video documents, multiple choice questionnaires. It is also possible to integrate the entire course or individual modules in an overall learning platform.

Blended Learning: Blended learning or also called integrated learning is a form of learning seeking a didactically meaningful linkage of traditional face-to-face lectures and modern forms of E-learning. Our didactic competencies in connection with our technical skills enable us to provide such combined solutions in a short time.