Project Coaching

Coaching is a facilitated process that identifies the root cause problem areas and addresses those problems directly. It is common, that project management training is prescribed to project managers and team members, but the conditions within the organization of professional project management are not given. Through an in-depth analysis of the situation, project coaching provides only such measures which specifically address the individual concerns and problems. This will prevent that only symptoms are attacked and financial resources are squandered. Due to the fact that the root cause problem areas are often a combination of lack of structures and soft factors, coaching must equally address hard and soft factors in the form of a structured change process.
Standardized project management structures within an enterprise will create transparency and decision quality. A parent project coordination ensures the optimum and economically sensible use of resources. A coordinated project communication is the basis for motivation and commitment. The establishment of a project management structure and the necessary accompanying culture does not work on demand. Rather a process of change must be initiated here, according to all rules of the art.
A significant quality factor for coaching is located in the sustainability of achieved status. The primary purpose of coaching is only reached when future projects of the customer deliver at the right time and the predetermined costs the right deliverable and quality.